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Unleaded gasoline price at €2 per liter in certain Greece’s areas

Unleaded gasoline got fire and is sold at 2 euros per liter in several regions on Greece. Over the weekend the average price made a jump of one cent and is sold at €1.64/l, while the previous price record occurred on January 21, 2011 at €1.635. However the prices are on an exhorbitant rise on the Prefecture of Chania, Rethymno, Messinia and Evros where motorists have to €1.999 per lite.

On many Greek islands like Kefalonia, Chios, the Cyclades and Cretan areas like Lassithi the prices are at €1.837.

In contrast, in the Prefectures of Thessaloniki, Drama, Imathia, Athens, East Attica and Kilkis motorists can be happy to find unleaded gasoline at a starting price of  1.627 euros per liter.

Prices for heating oil could not but follow the rising path and today you can heat your home with 84.8 cents per liter, i.e. ¢4.6 more compared to the beginning of the month. The average price starts at 82.1 cents in Drama and escalated to 90.2 cents in Corfu, while in some areas prices reach  96 cents per liter.

Since the beginning of the month, the average price of gasoline has increased by 3 cents per liter. Fuel prices went up mainly due to the uprising in Egypt and Libya, market experts explain.


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