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Is Animal Abuse in Greece becoming a Felony? Minister in charge opens the door for severe punishment

Will the punishment of animal abusers in Greece be more severe? Will animal abuse finally be a felony? I hardly believed my eyes reading the following news item in Proto Thema. Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food examines in detail the possibility of tougher penalties for cruelty and abuse against animals in comparison to the existing legal framework, Minister Milena Apostolaki said in a letter sent to the Greek Parliament.

Apostoliaki noted that the decisions and legislative initiatives will be launched in near time after consultations with the relevant bodies and animal welfare associations.

On occasion to a question posed by two MPs from far-right party LAOS, the minister pointed out that resolving the issue of stray animals  can not be tackled only by punitive measures, but through a collective effort to raise awareness in the society.

Recently I had read somewhere that she was also considering banning circuses with animals from entering the country.

Animal lovers and animal welfare societies in Greece and abroad have repeatedly demanded to turn animal abuse into a felony. Under the current law the maximal penalty for an animal abuser is 6 month simprisonment and a fine of maximum 1,000 euros.

Almost daily reports about hanging, shooting, poisoning or else how torturing family pets and stray cats and dogs create an outrage among pet lovers. Petitions have been handed to authorities but little had changed so far.

Let’s hope that the ministry will take the proper measures and have animals finally find a safe heaven and live in peace in Greece.  


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  1. If this is indeed true then finally this country will begin leaving its third world vestiges behind. The mark of a modern country as stated by Greek journalists is measure by, 1) The quality of our public toilets, 2)The quality of of our prisons and 3)How well we treat animals. Once these questions are answered Greece can begin moving forward. I am glad and surprised to hear this mentioned .

  2. keeptalkinggreece

    you are right, Nick, let’s see what will come out 🙂

  3. which leaves Italy as a fourth world country!
    The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. Mahatma Gandi.

    Sooo true

  4. keeptalkinggreece

    so true…