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Greeks protest outside ex Prime Minister’s Residence (video)

Some hundreds people gather Thursday afternoon in Athens downtown to protest outside the  residence of former prime minister Costas Simitis. Anagnostopoulou street in noble district of Kolonaki  was clogged by masses of old and young who shouted their frustration about the austerity measures. Lifting umbrellas and walking sticks they shouted slogan like “Bring the stolen money back”, “Traitors” or “Those who created the crisis have to pay”.

The protest action was organized by film director Dimitris Collatos and journalist Yiannis Papayiannis. Two squads of riot police were safe guarding the event which concluded one and a half hours later peacefully. The organizers have announced further protest actions outside the residences of former government officials.

Last week another crowd had protested outside the residence of former defence minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos.

Video by Fimotro

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