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Poll: 8 out of 10 Greeks ‘pessimist’ about the Economy

Eight out of ten Greeks declare, they are “pessimist” as far as the course of economy in general and their own economic situation in particular. In a poll conducted by the Athens Chamber of Commerce & Industry with the title “Economy Barometer” 1,000 Greeks through out the country were asked between February 22-28, 2011.

80% of the asked declare “pessimistic” about the course of Greek economy and only 15% declare “optimist.” More ‘pessimistic’ are those aged 25-44.

In Athens “pessimism” hits read with 90% , while in several regions of Greece it is 75%.

Asked about their personal or their family’s  economic situation, 78% declare “pessimist” (majority of ages 18-24), while only 17% declare “optimist”.

79% judge as “negative” the government policy in the economy, only 14% as “positive”. 62% of governing party PASOK voters (election 2009) judge ‘negative’.

63% consider as “wrong”the government’s decision to appeal to International Monetary Fund (PASOK voters 47%) , only 15% considers the decision “right”.

No wonder that people booed some politicians , among them an aging former prime minister, when they attempted to attend the funeral of the two murdered police officers.

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