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Serious Equipment Shortages in Greek Police

The tragic killing of two policemen by criminals disclosed a series of equipment shortcomings and lack in funding for the DIAS patrol units on motorcycles. Hellenic Police (EL.AS) pinned the Finance Ministry for poor funding as in a statement revealed that 352 motorcycles are in disuse and that there are deficiencies even in waterproof jackets, in boots and logistical equipment make it impossible to provide its own employees with necessities.

In a statement, the Police attempts to respond to allegations of serious failings in the group DI.AS., essentially acknowledges this problem implicitly nailing the Ministry of Finance for the poor provision of funds to purchase equipment.

The statement noted that 352 motorcycles are off duty, as the funding for their repair,  amounting to 500 000 euros, has not been approved yet. The DIAS unit has in total 1,526 motorcycles. 

701 pairs of boots and raincoats for the 3,640 DIAS motorcyclists have not been distributed yet, because of problems with suppliers and heavy bureaucratic procedures.  (source: )

Another newsport NewsIt,  reported that both  the murdered policemen, Yiorgos Skyloyiannis, 22, and Yiannis Evaggelinelis used to buy equipment with their own money from specialized shops.

There are claims that they are trained on motorycles 250 cc but use 650 cc when on duty. That they recieved  helmets appropriate for the riot police – helmets that are much too heavy to wear on a motorcycle and bulletproof jackets weighting 4,5 kilos.

The death of the two policemen raised also many questions about the coordination in police operations and the organisation of the manhunt to identify the perpetrators of last Thursday.  The several motorcyclists and the two police cars were just in shock when the culprits opened fire and there was not an immediate manhunt after the assault, Greek media and websites claimed.

The two unlucky policemen are taken to grave Tuesday afternoon in an atmosphere of shock, anger and grief.

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