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Angela Merkel rules Patras Carnival- Xanthi’s Mask in Guinness (videos)

Hundreds of thousands of Greeks celebrated this year’s Carnival amid strict austerity measures and grey future perspectives. However as the folk says: Poverty needs indulgence! Young and old, amateurs and professionals wore something funny, something meaningful and went out to have fun.


Domina – Angela Merkel rules Patras

Greece’s most famous Carnival Parade took traditionally in the city of Patras. The politicians, the “troika” and the IMF have monopolized the carnivals this year all over Greece, being an inspiration to all satirical chariots. PM George Papandreou was featured as a cyclist, Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou  as “fakir” trying to pull money out of the bag. A chariot with IMF/EU/ECB-Troika  Poul Thomsen & Co could not be absent in the long parade. They were featured as trying to tame the …beasts! 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the same chariot with Papandreou and in a sexy outfit, a Blond Domina! She was featured on another chariot as eating with golden spoons.
Video Patras – See more pictures in Carnival Patras
Video: In Athens a group of young people carried a coffin through the streets. The Greek economy maybe?
The town of Xanthi created the biggest Carnival Mask ans entered the Guinness Book of Records

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