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What does Angela Merkel imply with this symbolic gesture? (photo)

There it is, the interview German Chancellor Angela Merkel gave to populist daily newspaper BILD. Populist questions gets normally populist answers therefore if  you  can read German read what Bild readers have commented below the interview.  However as the interview is long and I’m rather lazy to translate it, you can read our summary in English hereor full length in German here. I mean in Bild’s online site the article had another title in the morning but now is “Every country is responsible for its own debt”.

Anyway with the meanwhile outdated content the interview is not that important. However I love the picture of Angela Merkel Bild Zeitung decorated the top of the interview. Here you can enjoy the double or even triple meaning of Merkel’s gesture.

Angela Merkel shows Bild newspaper, how much or how less help she is willing to give to Greece. Taking into consideration that she deals mostly with men within the EU, the IMF, the ECB … I  just wonder, if she does imply something else…


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