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EU Competitiveness Pact: Fast Track Poverty for all

Eurogroup leaders agreed in principle on the key issues of the Competitivenss Agreement. This agreement aiming to adjust fiscal rules for all, will economically kill employees and workers rights once for all. Its main targets are lowering wages, adjustment of  public and private sector wages to productivity,  linking pensions to life expectancy. In short, the European fiscality will survive but the European soldiers feeding the monster will die…

What is the purpose of all this?

The final version of EU competitiveness plan  is to be decided on the EU summit on March 24-25, 2011.

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  1. I support competitiveness in the economy 100%. It will benefit Greece. How? The Greeks are entrepreneur by nature. This will give every Greek male and female the opportunity to create wealth. A healthy economy is a wealthy economy. How does a nation create economic growth and wealth? By producing. A nation and it’s people need to produce. If you do not produce you will eventually decline. The government not only needs to balance the budget but olso needs to create budget surplus. Greece needs a strong fiscal discipline.

  2. keeptalkinggreece

    the competitiveness recipe for Greece is simple: simplify bureaucracy and have a fixed corporate taxes low