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Athens: Migrant attempted to set himself on fire

One migrant tried to set himself on fire while the group 300 former hunger strikers were getting on the buses to be transported to the island of Crete. Greek media reported that  one migrant poured fuel on his body and attempted to burn himself out of protest.
His fellowmen managed to successfully prevent  him from lighting the fatal fire. Other migrants tore apart the papers given to them by the police. The papers were certifying that each one of the 300 illegal migrants could stay in Greece  under the status of “tolerance”. 
 The leaders of the group explained that those who protested today had missed the point of agreement the migrants had dealt with the government as they were hospitalized.
Things soon calmed down and the whole group was taken to the port of Piraeus in to order to catch a ship and return to the beautiful island of Crete.
I better no comment further …

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