Thursday , October 5 2023
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Patras: Puppy thrown into garbage bin

 A tiny puppy was  thrown into a garbage bin by a heinous human. A young woman, who was passing by, heard his whimper and freed him from a certain and unbelievable cruel death. She took him to the vet and now the “little miracle” is in the care of a local animal loving reporter, who seeks a forever home for the lucky dog.

The incident happened in the city of Patras.

source: I am not sure if the picture is taken from the real incident.

Last week animal lovers of Patras came across another gruesome incident. A puppy with a cut off leg was laying abandoned next to a dead puppy with amputated leg as well. The health condition of the rescued puppy is improving.(source: )

Animal abuse is taking horrifying dimensions in Greece. That’s more than scary. That’s alarming and the state should change the laws …yesterday!

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