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Greece ready to join military forces against Libya

As the war drums are beating against Muammar Gaddafi, former socialist friend Greece declares ready to join forces against Libya.  Athens most likely will play an important role in a military buildup and intervention due to its strategic naval and air force base Souda on Crete. However Greece is waiting for a clear NATO mandate on the issue.

“We are ready to assist, in collaboration with partners and our allies to respect the international legitimacy,” said Greek Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas after a  meeting with National Defence Minister Evaggelos Venizelos on Friday morning.

“UNSC resolution is a strong signal and a clear warning that there must be an immediate ceasefire and attacks against civilians must cease immediately” Droutsas stressed, adding “Greece believes that the aim of all must be a solution to the crisis in Libya, restoring stability and smooth transition to democracy through a broad dialogue between the components of the people of the country.”

it has not been clear whether Greece will just facilitate NATO and other forces or will get a more active role.

Currently there is a NATO meeting taking place in the Brussels headquarters. In order for NATO to implement last night’s  United Nations Security Council resolution for a no fly zone over Libya, the North Atlantic alliences needs “an obvious need, a peripheral support and a clear legal legitimation.”

After NATO decision, Greek National Council on Foreign Policy is expected to convene Friday afternoon, at 6:00 pm.

Souda Bay on the island of Crete is a strategic Greek, US and NATO naval and air force base . It is most likely that Greece will serve as a military base for a NATO military intervention in Libya.

Beginning of the month US warships docked at the Souda bay and later departed. Currently three German frigates are docked there.

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