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Greece’s Libya participation to cost € 1 million per day

 I knew that Greeks are grumpy by habit and now it has been confirmed.  Hardly had the military operation against Libya started, some Greek television channel felt the need to report that the country’s war participation will cost one million euro per day! This spending refers to the participation of one frigate, one radar aircraft, two Super Puma helicopters and four f-16 fighter jets.

I wonder what the International Monetary Fund thinks about this unexpected spending…

On the other hand, as hundreds of foreign countries military personal are expected to arrive to debt-driven Greek air and naval bases, we might compensate the spending through tourism revenues!

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  1. “I knew that Greeks are grumpy by habit”

    You sound grumpy yourself. Take courses in positive thinking or some anti-stress medicine.

    Self-hating Greek? Anti-Greek racist?

  2. I have no idea how NATO’s funding works (perhaps you could find out?) but I would expect Greece to be compensated or even paid in some way for the use of Greek military facilities by NATO during the Libyan crisis?

    • Keep Talking Greece

      NATO funding? hm… taxpayers money and donations, I assume, as NATO is not a goods producing commercial enterprise.
      For sure there will be companseation even at the level of IMF/EU loan – just a thought