Saturday , May 25 2019
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Millions of Grasshoppers attack Achaia Prefecture

Millions of grasshoppers fell over fields of the Achaia Prefecture on the Peloponnese on the West of Greece. Huge swarms of grasshoppers or locusts appeared and threaten the agricultural production. Aigialeia, Kalavryta and Evrymanthos are the areas most affected, while there are reports that the destroying insects have been seen even the the town of Patras.
The Prefecture has been declared “Grasshopper victim” and the regional officials are holding emergency meeting on what measures should be taken.
As the Plague of Locusts  has a strong symbolism in the Bible, a friend proposed ‘Blowing the Jericho Horns” as anti-grasshoppers combating measures.
Another friend advised, Google-ing  “grasshoppers combat measures” or even ” how to get rid of grasshoppers” could be another solution to the problem before the insects destroy the whole of the agricultural production of the area.
Nevertheless, both friends are city born and raised and have no idea about the item…

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