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Oh No! Greek Politicians are not corrupted, after all!

Not only super rich and less rich Greeks but also nun deposited  their money in banks outside Greece out of fear of an economic collapse. “I don’t know if we ate the money together, but for sure we helped them ‘escape’ together” said P. Nikoloudis, Chairman of the Commission for Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing, deputy attorney at Greece’s supreme court Areios Pagos.  

The transfer of money abroad is a very important issue. It is a well-known dictum that “we all ate together.” I do not know if it is correct or not. But I can tell you with great bitterness “that we all together helped them escape” Nikoloudis told the Committee of Institutions and Transparency of the Greek Parliament while he represented the 2010 reports and findings of the committee he chairs. 
“As a citizen of this country I feel great sadness when I see the nature, the scope, the amount and the number of people who rushed to get their money and deposit them abroad. From very wealthy down to nuns. That’s why I tell you the politicians are not the most corrupted ones.

Particularly on the issue of politicians, he claimed that according to the Commission checks most corrupted are those escaping any control and those participating in off shore companies.

Should I comment here? I’d better not… Ttears come up into my eyes as I recall some former minister saying he had an offshore for the shake of his children!

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