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Why do Greek strays ‘attack’ Greek Civil servants?

Have Greek strays started attacking Greek civil servants? Have the strays in the yard of Ministry of Education been abused? Greek animal welfare portal reports of a complaint by a employee at the Ministry. According to the information published at the portal some animal loving  employees care with devotion for the small number of strays at the yard of the ministry. However  after an incident where an employee complained that the strays have attacked him, a ministry official urged the employees to stop caring for the strays and threatened with “measures”. Odd enough the next day (Mar 22) one dog had a broken leg and another was bleeding form the ears.

Even odder I find the fact that it is the second time wihtin a week that I hear that a civil servant has claimed to have  been attacked by strays that so far have not attacked anybody else. A similar incident apparently occurred in Athens downtown recently with the effect that the sterilized stray dogs were removed from Syntagma square.

Is this a new development in strays’ psychology?

Are Greek strays against Greek civil servants?

Have Greek stray joined the citizens’ protest of austerity measures by attacking Greek civil servants?

Or is this just a new ‘devious’ man-thought practice to turn strays into scape goats for state policy failures?

A stray cannot defend itself . But animal lovers and animal welfare societies can do a lot and give their voices to the voiceless.

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  1. I live in England and follow these articles a lot! please, I must ask one question…. is there any chance you can send us over some of these strays? we are animal lovers and civil servant haters, so either way they would be welcome! haha

    • keeptalkinggreece

      Ι’d love a safer haven for strays in Greece and less civil servants – due to export to UK 🙂