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Greece: Monster of Unemployment grows but Political leadership optimist

The monsterof unemployment in Greece is growing and threatens to get out of control. Concellor of private sector labor union GSEE, S. Robolis informed members of the Greek Parliament that unemployment is estimated to reach 22% at the end of 2011 and the number of jobless will reach 1,200,000 people. The research showed also a possible onwards rise. Greek Labor ministry comes to more or less the same result and says that jobless are estimated at 1,000,000 people, while the Central Bank of Greece is at 16% rise.

These estimations do not include long time unemployed and self employed who had closed down their business.

It is estimated that 250,000 people have lost their jobs in recent months as thousands of small and medium enterprises closed down.

However Greeks do not fall in the trap of the deep economic depression and let their two leading “George” guide them into a path of shining optimism.

Prime Minister George Papandreou claimed that We gaze the future with bigger optimism;, and Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou insisted “We left behind the worst”.

In case these two political leaders live in Greece I would invite them to come down to the streets and see how the people live. Byt i am not sur that thei live her – at leest no anemore…

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