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Greece – Libya: Limnos F451 goes, Themistoklis F465 comes

We have been reporting since last week that the Greek frigate “Limnos” has been patrolling in the waters between the island of Crete and Libya. Today the news came in, that “Limnos set sail from the Souda Bay, bound for waters between Libya and Crete”. Furthermore it has been said that “the departure of Limnos was kind of  hurried up as the frigate “Themistoklis” was returning from the waters where the allied naval forces are patrolling in terms of the Libya naval blockade..

What we learn from this frigates coming and going circus? That as long as there is no official information everybody can leak the info he pleases. Furthermore, we learn that Greece  provides the allied forces with two frigates. Private Alpha TV reported that currently (07:20 pm local time) the Limnos is sailing off Sicily not only to impose the arms embargo but also to prevent immigrants reaching Europe…

It was the nightingale, and not the lark… (Romeo & Juliet – Shakespeare). At the very end nightingale and lark sing more or less the same, or not?

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