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Greece: You won’t be able to pay cash for purchases over 3,000 as April 1, 2011

Tax evasion is the key problem to the revenues deficit of Greece and the increasing debt. While there is criticism that the government is unable to control the problem and the tax collection mechanism is , the Finance Ministry has thought out a plan that is going to file electronically all purchase.

As of April 1st 2011, you will not be able to make purchases worth more than 3,000 and pay cash. You will have to use a credit or debit card and/or a cheque.

Of course, this will most likely add some percentage to the items you want to buy for the cards and cheques fees, but I want to surpass this new hidden price increase problem right now.

The ministry hopes to be able to control all the expenses of the tax payers and the income of businesses and enterprises.

Furthermore the ministry initiates on the same day but a a test program the use of ‘tax card”.

This card will be used for all market transactions. Aim is to avoid the plastic bags containing hundreds of tiny recipes at the end of any fiscal year for tax exception purposes.

 So whether you buy a package of chewing gums at the kiosk, a loaf of bread at the bakery or a television set, you will just give your card to the shop and the transaction data will be transmitted to the tax office.

This will enable the ministry to solve the problem of double checking the expenses of tax payers by cross checking recipes – a Sisifus work that the Finance Ministry and the tax offices have proven unable to do.

I just pity the shop owners for the additional costs to purchase  the proper e-cards machines.

And furthermore, I’d love to see the case you buy a flat for 230,000 euros and pay with credit card. I don’t want to imagine the transaction fee 🙂

Oh, do not ask me whether the issue of  recipes will be repealed all together. I don’t know and I don’t think so. Against it speak the companies habits to consider the recipe as a ‘quaranty evidence’.


While I was discussing the issue of the e-cards with some friends, I must admit they came up with some fine ideas. One said: “Hahaha, I wonder how much the whole project costs for the Greek taxpayer!” Some answered it would cost 2-5 million euros. Nobody knew, of course, but I have mean friends…

 Another asked “How will the seniors deal with the e-cards?” to get the answer: “Seniors cannot make purchases because they’ve run out of pensions after all these cuts!”

The interesting thing is that they all thought of ways the Greeks would use to avoid these new satanic measures. Somebody said “You make a deal with the business owner for 2,999 euro!”, another proposed ” You make the deal, you don’t give submit your card at all”.

A guy, I met for the first time, claimed that the whole projects aims to boost the bank sector that will get transactions fees and start selling credit cards again.

Anyway, the project was screened with out-most suspicion especially concerning the money needed to materialize it. A really mean person even claimed that “Some is going to be rich again.”

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