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Greece’s Libya participation costs € 6,5 million per month

In an extremely difficult economic period for Greece, the country’s participation to operations against Libya cost just 6,5 million euros per month. “Therefore should the operations last three months the costs will amount 20 million euro” National Defence Minister Evaggelos Venizelos told the External Affairs & Defence committee of the Greek parliament. He reiterated that Greece is obliged to provide assistance, but he said that the assistance is limited only to the provision of facilitation”.

Which means that Greece pays for the logistics support of the allied forces stationed in Greece and take part in the implementations of No Fly Zone and arms embargo against Libya.

To this, the costs for the participation of the Greek forces should be added. Athens declared last week to provide a flying radar, a SAR helicopter, the frigate Limnos and possible the Themistoklis. These costs could amount  1,5-3 million euro per month, a defence website estimated.

Furthermore, Venizelos assured the Commission that there is no impact on Greece on sensitive issues such as the Athens FIR, the territorial waters and the Exclusive Economic Zone EEZ. He declared that all military aircraft entering the Athens FIR provide all the necessary flight information.

While the majority of Greeks oppose the country’s  participation in operations against Libya, opponents and supporters alike do hope deep in their heart that the Greek contribution would bring some benefits to the debt-driven pockets… A small debt erase, maybe?

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