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Greek survey: Corruption worst than Unemployment

Corruption is Greece’s worst problem, however most Greeks see nothing wrong with paying bribes if they need do, a survey disclosed. A third of Greeks believe that corruption is the country’s biggest problem but more than half see nothing wrong in bribing a public servant if they have to.

The Athens University of Economics and Business found that residents both in Attica and central Macedonia, where the poll was carried out, regarded corruption as Greece’s worst problem, even more so than unemployment.

Eight in 10 respondents said they thought of several recent economic scandals, including the Vatopedi Monastery land swap and the Siemens cash-for-contracts affair, when they heard the word “corruption.” The same proportion said they did not think any of those involved would be punished. Eight in 10 also stated the believed tougher sentences for public servants would help combat graft.

However, 53 percent said that it would not be morally wrong to pay a bribe to a public official so they could secure preferential treatment if there was no other option.

source: ekathimerini

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