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(Upd) Mornos Water pipeline breaks down – Residents Flee

A sixty meters rift broke in the Mornos pipeline that carries water to the Greek capital. Masses of water were released flooding fields, houses and shops. Panic broke out among the residents  who were warned almost at the last minute to  flee the rushing water. Most affected was the Saranti village in Boeotia near the town of Thiva. The locals managed to escape the ‘mini tsunami’ and bring themselves in out of risk places, mostly at the surrounding hills. There no reports of human injuries or losses.

A quick mobilization of the national Water Company EYDAP interrupted the water supply from the river Mornos.

The area is soaked in mud and fire brigade trucks remain stuck and idle.

According to a statement from EYDAP the problem occurred after the collapse of a part of the wall of the water canal at Prodromos village. The collapse was due to heavy rainfall, the statement said.

A local man told private ALPHA TV that the pipeline was as old as 40 years old and that maintenance takes place only when something breaks down.

The river Mornos and the Mornos dam supply water to the broader area of Athens and the Attica basin.

The water cuts scheduled for March 30 in Vari and Koropi have been cancelled.

EYDAP assures there will be no problems in water supply of Athens as it will apply the water pumping system from the lakes of   and Marathonas.

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