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Athens: Austerity in Public Services closes down Kindergartens

Cutting personnel is one thing, but it becomes problematic when it creates a deadlock and public services are getting hindered. Then you cannot cut the number of citizens. Severe shortages are observed in 87 kindergartens in Athens downtown after the termination of work contracts of 250 employees. However the children of 5,500 families are still there and need to be taken care of.

According to charwoman of Athens Municipality Nursery, Maria Iliopoulou, eight kindergartens have been closed down and only 21 function properly. 

The lack of personel forces the kindergartens to have children returned home two hours earlier, which creates immense problems to the families. Not to mention what happens to the children when a kindergarten closes down…

The government needs urgently to find a solution for the austerity in public services.

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  1. Yet 6.5 Million can be spent per month fighting in Libya? Gee, wonder how many kindergartens that could support or keep open?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      well… that’s another thing it is ‘humanitarian aid abroad’ – unfortunetaly Greece could not deny its NATO role. But they can finally cut the high salaries in state run enterprises and not to cut in social services.