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Athens: One protester injured during clashes with police (video)

 One protester was injured in the head during clashes with police in noble Athens district Kolonaki, in the city’s downtown. The incidents started when municipality workers attempted to approach the Ministry of Interior but were hindered by the riot police. Protesters tried to break the police ‘wall’, the police fired teargas and sound flares . However a delegation managed to use a ministry back door and talk with Minister Yannis Ragousis. The injured was taken to the hospital.


The Athens municipality workers protest the non-extension of their temporary contracts. Some of them work for the Athens Municipality for several years. According to IMF imposed austerity measures temporary work contracts are not to be extended. However only recently an Athens court decided in favor of 166 municipality workers employed with temporary contracts for almost 10 years! Justice says Yes where Troika says No. That’s a problem, indeed….

Video: Protesters/Police

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