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Theodorakis stuns Greeks in rare TV appearance (video)

“Stunning!” That’s the only single word that shot in the minds of thousands of Greeks who watched composer and politician Mikis Theodorakis talking on a live television broadcast on Thursday morning. That’s what I thought, what’s what some  friends thought, what’s what many bloggers and websites administrators wrote: “Stunning”! In a live link with private ANT1 TV the 86-year-old music composer spoke about that what many thinking and concerned Greeks think: “There is  an economic coup d’etat,  an economic Junta that rules Greece.” And Mikis knows indeed what a Junta is like, what features a authoritarian regime bears: muzzleing the free thought, the freedom of expression, the labor rights.

It is impossible to write down the full lenght of the torrential words  implanted in our brains this morning, but I give it a try:

Theodorakis said, he feels disgusted that we have allowed foreigners to call us “lazy” and our politicians to claim we all spent [“ate the public money“] together.

The government leaders are “internationally humiliating Greece” and say that “we are cur“. They call us lazy and incompetent. Us? To say that we ‘ate’ the money together?

He spoke of “consiprancy” aiming to  expel us from our land in order to get on hold of Greece’s mineral wealth. At the same point he called on people to resist: 

“It needs a peaceful revolution by the people.  The government is formally elected and governs with the support of  20% as there is a discrepancy with the people.”

 Therefore he questioned the government’s legitimation ‘to take decisions for our fate for the next 15 years”. He called on lefts and rights to resist:

“We need a revolutionary government. Here are the Greek people with blinkers and fascists and junta-ists that do harm. This is an economic Junta, an [IMF] memorandum coup d’etat.

We governments have responsibilitites for our degradation of today. We are governed in a coup style and the coup is the IMF memorandum.

All the governments have responsibilities for our degradation of today.”

He called on the left parties to exit the parliament. “It makes not sense that they’re in the Parliament. Then they legitimize those governing us in a coup like style even with their negative vote.”

He drew attention of the historical responsibilities that the government, the finance minister and the lawmakers have.

Mikis Theodorakis accused televisions channels that they do not present the positions of his Citizens’ Initiative “Spitha” (Spark),  and said:

“The silence that I have around me is the most odious thing I have ever felt.  I am isolated, completely muzzled. I have been deprived of the right to speak by the friends of the system.

Every human has the right to speak. Intellectuals must speak even if you disagree with them. Who can decide who is a patriot or not?”

You may not agree with all the points expressed by Mikis Theodorakis. They maybe hit the wall of your own left or right party ideology, or even at your concept of disgraced politics and institutions of nowadays. But as a friend put it : “We need people without political parties ideologies. Political parties don’t count anymore. We need real patriots!”  

Video: Theodorakis ANT1 Interview in Greek!


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