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Athens: Citizens jeer Deputy Prime Minister (videos)

The “Door-to-Door”, citizens’  movement found its way to Athens noble district Kolonaki where deputy prime minister Theodoros Pangalos has his political office. Armed with a huge teddy pig and megaphones a group of 30-40 senior Athenians started shouting slogans, that…. you don’t want me to translate them in English, do you?

 OK, I do one or two: “We didn’t eat them together!” referring to meanwhile famous’ Pangalos statement that citizens and politicians spent together the public money.


 With referance to the Imia incident with Turkey back in 1996 the protesters shouted “Traitor!”

Deputy Prime Minister Pangalos’ statement have often been considered as particularly insulting to citizens, civil servants or even newspaper readers. Recently he was targeted by a hurled yogurt…

“Door-to-Door” movement has been initiated by film director Dimitris Kollatos and aims to organize citizens’ protests outside the homes or offices of Greek politicians. So far they have protested outside the home of former National Defence Minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos  and former Prime Minister Costas Simitis. From what I see, the most succeful was the protest of Simitis….

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