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IMF/EU/ECB-Troika’s non-stop pressure on Greek Government

New and inevitable measures are on the way and the IMF/EU/ECB control units are adamant to put pressure on the Greek government to speed up with necessary public spending cuts even blackmailing with the 5th tranche of the €110 bailout.
According to newspaper Proto Thema, the Troika tough guys are asking a strict cap on the salaries of civil servants and drastic cuts in the spending of public administration, hospitals and insurance funds.
The Troika representatives asked Finance Minister George papaconstantinou explanations as to why the new wages policy on the state-run enterprises DEKO has not been implemented and why 235 public agencies refused to send data.
Especially for DEKO and other public agencies the Troika is asking a “new memorandum” with provisions such as
– New “haircut” up to 20% in the wages costs of public administration
– Sharp cuts in the ‘extras’ of those highly paid 
– Wage costs to fall to 45-50% of total revenues from all public utilities/DEKO. 
-Closing down of some loss-making state-run enterprises. 
The economic team argued however that it is premature to announce  “here and now” measures, as the final deficit of 2010 has not been definite yet and it has not been clear the results of the government measures taken in 2010.
According to newspaper, the Finance Ministry has time until April 15 to put down a list with the new measures.

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