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Greek MP’s reject Gambling Bill – ‘Bounty’ Mutiny or ‘Mars’ attack?

That was a noisy slap in the face of Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou and thus it came from his own governing party members. Papaconstantinou presented the Bill on Gambling  at the Greek Parliament on Thursday however he was forced to withdraw it after the strong reaction from PASOK lawmakers. Although the Bill had passed the Cabinet the lawmakers didn’t hesitate to use even harsh expressions against it and reject it.

 Bounty Bar

We will no turn our villages into casinos” said one lawmaker, “We won’t turn cafes into gambling temples” said a second one and ” If we want money at any possible way, we can legalize prostitution and drugs as well” said a third one.

 Mutiny on the Bounty

It was a group of historical members of  PASOK that joined forces and rejected the bill.

Under the pressure of the PASOK lawmakers the Finance Minster withdrew the bill saying “I don’t have the support of the Parliament group. I withdraw the bill. The issue now depends on the government.”

The bill was aiming to bring 700 million revenues to debt-driven Greece.

 Mars Bar

However in such difficult financial times, it is a question of  how moral can it be, to set a slot machine in every corner and attempt to lure a squalored society into gambling just to increase state revenues.

Furthermore and according to Proto Thema ,  lawmakers expressed doubts as to whether the government would be able to control and combat illegal gambling. PASOK MP’s were transfering the discontent of their voters to the Parliament.

The law rejection is the first collective revolt of governing party lawmakers against a series of legislation of strict austerity measures and revenues increasing laws pushed by the Greek government under the IMF auspices. It may not have been the “Bounty Mutiny” but for sure it was a punch in the face, a kind of austerity hostile “Mars attack”….

 Mars Attack

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