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Athens: Tear Gas at Temporary Municipality Workers

Tear gas and sound flares were fired against protesters, temporary workers at the Athens municipality. The incidents started when the protesters climbed the rails of the yard where the municipality council was holding a meeting in the premises of Athens 9,84 FM. The workers even managed to set aside the strong riot police force and enter the building.


Outside, the angry remaining workers delivered a stone and wood war against the police that fired tear gas to disperse the crowd. Two protesters were injured.

The city council was unable to held the session in the Athens Municipality as the building has been occupied by  protesting temporary workers for the last 22 days.

Athens mayor Giorgos Kaminis and the city council are currently unable to leave the premises of the Athens radio as protesters remain outside. On the other hand, radio employees are unable either to leave nor enter the building.

The protesters reached the radio building at Technopolis in a convoy of 50 motorbikes, while others walked from Kotzia Square to Gazi district of Athens, where the icnidents occured.

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