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Israel: Travel Warning for Greece’s Islands, Crete, other Medit-Countries

Israel issued a travel warning for its citizens out of possible fears of attacks or even kidnaps by terror organizations. According to Ynetnews, the general  travel advisory wanrs Israelis and Jews not to visit the Mediterranean Basin, Far East during Passover holiday. State official says sensitive destinations include Turkey, Egypt, Libya and Greece, wiht emphasis on Crete.

 The Counter Terrorism Bureau (CTB) issued a travel advisory on Sunday, warning Israelis not to visit the Mediterranean Basin and the Far East. The advisory did not list the names of specific countries, but a security establishment official noted that the advisory refers to Turkey, Egypt, Libya and Greece, with a special emphasis on Crete.

 According to the official, the warning specifically refers to the days prior to the Passover Seder, and that a new estimate of the situation will be conducted after the first day of the holiday.

 Following recent escalation in the Gaza Strip, the bureau warned of terror organizations’ intention to attack Israelis and Jews prior to and during the Passover holiday.

 The general travel advisory may include popular holiday destinations such as the Greek Islands, Cyprus and even Italy. The advisory also named the Far East region, which many Israelis choose as their travel destination.

 This is the third travel advisory published during the past few weeks; in March, Israeli citizens were advised not to fly to Iraq, and last week a grave warning called Israelis to immediately get out of the Sinai Peninsula, after the IDF killed a terrorist cell that was planning to kidnap Israelis from the popular resort destination. 

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