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Material Black Out threatens Greece’s State Hospitals

A material black out threatens Greek state hospitals as suppliers decided to suspend deliveries. Bandages, gauze and other medical supplies will be a rarity- although in some state hospitals these materials are already in shortage. Representatives of the Panhellenic Association of Suppliers of Medical Items have decided to suspend deliveries of materials to hospitals because of debts.

The chairman of the association Basilis Manetas spoke of debts totalling 90 million euros and warned that the suppliers would not step back until the debts are redeemed.

Corruption and overspending has forced Greece , currently in strict diet with tough IMF austerity measures,  tries to radically cut public spending.

 It is a well known reality that supplies in the public sector were always overcharged – with a big fat party of medical and pharmaceutical material overcharges taking place in the health sector. The Greek patient is again the stupid.

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