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Piraeus: 5 Injured at Port Workers-Riot Police Clashes (video)

No day passes without clashes. OK it sounds funny as it makes a rime but the situation is causes concern as the state seems to have no other option  than to send the riot police to meet several interest groups. This time it was the workers at the Piraeus port that clashed with the police. Angry men without job attempted to break the police ‘wall’ and reach the building of the Piraeus Port Authority Headquarters.

Workers and police clashed and tear gas was fired  to disperse the ‘crowd’ consisting of some 250 men, members of the workers union.

Five protesters were injured and taken to a hospital.

                       Video: Protesters/Police     

However the injuries and the tear gas did not break the struggle spirit of the protesters who marched through the center of Piraeus. They spoke of unusual violence used by the police.

The port workers demand freeze of lay off and enlargement of the enhancement shipping zone.

The PPA employs more than 1,500 people.
The port of Piraeus, the largest in Greece,  is the hub for the connection of the islands with mainland, international cruise center and commercial hub for the Mediterranean, providing services to ships of all types and sizes.

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