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It’s official! Unemployment kills!

Yes, it is official! Unemployment leads not only to financial extermination but also to biological. This is said more or less by Lazlo Andor, EU Commissioner responsible for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion Building a fairer future. 
Each percentage increase in national unemployment attributes to a 0.8%  increase of suicides by people aged under 65. The increase in unemployment to more than 3% is combined with an increase in suicides by 4.5%, Ador noted according to data of  the European Commission stemming from an research  in 2009.
However the European Commission is not aware of social programs in member states providing psychological support to health issues related to unemployment.

Further the EU Commissioner stressed the effects on children in families with at least one long-term jobless member. Lazlo Ador noted that the performance of these children in schools is lower than other children. 


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