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Mikis Theodorakis: Greeks, Wake Up!

Stately tall and in revolutionary mood Mikis Theodorakis appeared at the May Day demonstrations in Athens. Standing at Syntagma Square among members of his civic movement “Spark” he called the Greeks to wake up! “I came here to express with all protesters my opposition to the Government, the Troika (IMF/EU/ECB), the memorandum, the anti-national and anti-popular policies and looking at the Parliament and the Unknown Soldier (monument) to thunder Greeks, Wake Up!”

However the much too many frustrated Greeks, hit by strict austerity and future uncertainty, chose not to join the May Day protest rallies. Hardly 3,000-4,000 people out of the four million inhabitants of Greek capital found their way to Athens downtown to express their anti-austerity sentiments. That was not only due to fair weather. That had also to do with the fact that the labour union movements -that traditionally celebrate the May Day protest rallies – have been considered with disdain by the Greeks.

Stunned about the small number of  may Day protesters Mikis Theodorakis recalled historical memories from times when Syntagma Square was full of hundreds of thousands of  protesting people. However “today the police is looking at us with sympathy and the government together with the foreigners (IMF etc) are secretly rubbing their hands with pleasure to see only some hundred of protesters while the people are asleep… What shall I think?” he wondered.

No, no, no, Mikis, the people are not asleep! The people chat and wonder how to change this situation. They need clear visions and incorruptible leaders..  But they wouldn’t demonstrate following the call of labour unions. That’s passé….

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