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Unprecedented swearing in Greek Parliament

Members of the Greek Parliament Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee were almost turned  into salt columns on Tuesday hearing a former national defense minister unspeakably swearing at the former director of national intelligence service. “Good Morning” said Ioannis Corantis to Vaggelis Meimarakis. This Good morningwas the spark that set the anger of  Meimarakis inflame. The party of Corantis insists to investigate all  defense ministers in charge in the case of German submarines purchase. Boiling with anger Meimarakis allegedly answered angrily : “Are you telling me Good morning, you tramp, outcast, who want to take me to the special court?”

Corantis,  MP from far-right LAOS party flabbergasted watched Meimarakis from center-right Nea Dimokratia to swear at him while the other lawmakers were unable to intervene – they were just … frozen. The former minister was heard off the microphone saying: “Sh…, clown, come out, go out I’ll … you!”

The cursed starred at the swearing ex-minister and crossed himself. Later he filed an official complaint and submitted it to the Greek Parliament spokesman. (, tovima etc)

This was an unprecedented rampage in the rooms of the Greek Parliament that was made public and broadcast by all television channels and radios, published in websites and will most likely be printed tomorrow in the newspapers. There is always an opportunity for derailment…

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