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(Upd) 10.000 European Youth Cards to be distributed to Greeks

 Finally a good news! Ten thousand discount cards will be distributed free of charge to Greek students, jobless or working youth, aged 13-30 years old. The European Youth Card is a discount and not a credit card and it will provide the cardholder with discounts to certain categories of goods and services including education, shopping, entertainment, travel and so on. The distribution of cards will begin on Monday, may 9, 2011. Priority will be given to unemployed youth according to OAED data.

The move was announced on Tuesday by a joint press conference of the General Secretariat for Youth and the Youth Institute at the initiative of the Ministries of Labour and Social Security and the Education, Lifelong Learning and Religion.

How to get the EYCA

The EYCA  will be given free of charge to : pupils, students, young workers/employees or jobless. Priority will be given to Jobless Youth!

Eligible are 13-30 years old.

You can submit your application online ,

0r at the offices of General Secretariat of Young Generation (Γενική Γραμματεία Νέας Γενιάς) at Acharnon 417 Street, Athens

or at special stands at Metreo Agios Antonios (12:00-06:00 pm) and Keramikos (04:00-10:00 pm) from May 9-15.

The Card discounts list includes many cities around Greece – not only Athens!.

The European Youth Card is also valid in 37 European countries and is used by 5 million people who can choose from a list of tenders for 100,000 trips, cultural events, transport, bookstores, offices and shops.

The EYCA is for people under 30 ( or 26 in some countries). Now in case you are cannot purchase the card free of charge and you want it for yourself or your child, or grandchild, you can purchase it for 10 euros subcription per year here .  Read also the How & Why. Of course, you can buy the card for all European countries.

In times where budget is low, it is worth to have a discount card. I checked the Greek section, and I found some interesting offers like €1 discount for cinemas, 15% discount for shopping, 10% for restaurants, 20% for Museums and Exhibitions.

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