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Far-Right Extremists Chase and Beat Immigrants in Athens Downtown (video)

The situation in Athens downtown is out of control and racism is growing wild. A group of far-right extremists started chasing coloured immigrants in Athens downtown after  a mass rally to commemorate Manolis Kantaris, 44, who was stabbed to death by criminals from North Africa, according to a security camera of a near by shop – so the police. In the area around the murder the extremists attacked passingby migrants and damaged migrants’ shops. Short after the protest rally, the extremists  started chasing immigrants in the streets around the Kotzia Square and the meat market, beating them and even stabbing them with knifes. Greek media report that the extremists chased even a coloured woman pushing a baby wagon.

Thirteen immigrants were injured, two of them with knife injuries in the thighs.

As the situation went properly out of control a group of immigrants attacked a Greek passerby and beat them so that he had to be transferred to a hospital with an ambulance. Another Greek was injured although it is unknown by whom and how.  

Shocking video Extremists chasing Immigrants


Earlier far-right and far-left extremists had clashed meters away from the commemoration event of the tragic Manolis Kantaris. Riot police intervened and fired teargas to disperse the angry street fighters.

 Protesters holding Greek Flags and chanting “Foreigners out of Greece”

Three thousand people commemorated Kantaris, who lost his life when he was walking to pick up his car in order to bring his pregnant wife to the hospital to deliver their baby. Kantaris, a father of four under-aged children was holding a bag with a video camera to film the happy arrival of his fourth child. Three men approached him from the back, grabbed his bag and as he didn’t not let it lose they stabbed his on the back, the neck and the hands, according to security camera of a nearby shop.

Hours later and in deep shock his wife gave birth to his fourth child a daughter  he will never meet.

The murder has triggered an outrage in the society with people and media heavily criticising the police and the mayor of Athens for having surrendered the Greek capital into the hands of criminal gangs setting in high danger the lives of the citizens.

The situation in the area remains tense.

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