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Greece: Shocking Video – Riot Policemen beat Protester

This is a video that has shocked Greeks and set three riot police officers under suspension. The footage shows a protester laying on the street, one policeman kicking him and another beating him with a baton. The moment the law enforcement men leave the protester, a third policeman rushes to the spot and keep up the beating of the groaning man.

A woman, probably the one footage shooter, calls the beaten protester to follow her away from the ‘law enforcement’ clubs and batons.

The video footage was first uploaded in the Internet and it was soon shown in all television channels of the country, creating an outrage and heavy criticism. The leadership of the Greek police checked the footage, identified the three riot police officers and placed them and their supervisor under suspension until the full investigation is concluded.

Another protester, Yannis Kafkas, 31, suffered severe head injuries during the incidents and is in deep coma after a brain surgery. The protester was beaten in the head by police, most likely by a handy fire extinguisher, Greek media report.

The excessive use of force by riot police officers during the May 11 anti-austerity rally forced Minister for Citizens’ Protection Christos Papoutsis to call an urgent meeting with police and security units and declare this violence will not be tolerated. “It seems there is lack of democracy in the security forces”, Papoutsis said.

Doctors Association issued a new statement today warning that the beats by police officers in the head are ‘potential fatal’. The Association had warned about the excessive use of force by Greek police already in 2010.

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