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Racist attacks in Athens:Migrant Family on the Run – Heartbreaking Video

A wave of racists attacks has broken out in Athens after the tragic murder of Manolis Kantaris by foreigners according to security cameras just to steal a video camera. The last two days scenes beyond any humanity took place in the streets of Athens with groups of ‘extreme elements’ (so the Greek press) chasing coloured men, women and even children, attacking them with knives, bats, helmets, fists and kicks. Some shops of foreigners have been destroyed as well.

On Friday, the ‘elements’ stopped a public bus, took down two migrants and beat them. A bit later, they stopped a car with migrants, beat them and smashed the car windows. Some migrants were also beaten up in Crete although it has not been clear whether it was a racist motive or just a physical dispute among ‘civilized’ men…

The video below shows  scenes of the racist attacks on Thursday. Groups of  ‘elements’ chase immigrants, triot police chase the ‘elements’. Frightened immigrants run.

Migrant Family on the run

At 1:56 the heartbreaking agony of a migrant family to escape the brutality of revenge thirsty ‘elements’. Father, mother and little daughter seek refugee in a Greek shop. The owner advices them behind the shelves, at the stairway to basement. Outside, on the streets, the ‘elements’ groups rush behind running immigrants. An ‘element’ stops  outside the shop and points with an iron bat – Migrants in there? The shop owner denies it with a head nod…. The Greek frappe underlines the relaxed mood of the savor… Inside the shop, father and mother try to calm their little daughter, fondle her hair… When the hordes of ‘elements’ disappear the horrified family comes back to the street. They probably start contemplating on their decision to have come in Greece.

The footage has been taken by security cameras.

Another shocking video

So far we used to see such scenes in historical films showing pogroms…  Blind violence against minorities. Now this historic phenomenon seems to have become reality in the streets of  the capital of a European country, in the streets of Athens. How did things get there? Blame the migrant policy – or better say – the lack of it all these years…

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  1. Unfortuantely, Greeks have always been racist. From the early 80s when I first arrived, hearing the whispered “ksenos” could be heard and receiving funny looks. It’s just sad that now they have become violent.

    This coming from Greeks themselves who used to the “Pakistanis” themselves in America, cleaning toilets and doing demeaning jobs for Americans. I would have thought they would know better since they came from the same situation in the 1950s.