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Athens: Violence against Migrants continue

Another outbreak of violence occurred earlier Sunday in Athens downtown. A group of 10 people attacked two foreigners as they were walking down Menanrdrou street near Omonia square. They beat them , injured them and fled.  This adds to a series of attacks against legal or illegal migrants by groups of allegedly far-right extremists. During the week Greeks were confronted with ugly scenes with extremists literally chasing and beating foreigners in the streets of Athens. More than 15 foreigners have been injured with bats, iron sticks, knives, broken bottles, helmets, fists and kicks. The violence was triggered by the tragic murder of Manolis Kantaris. The 44-year old was stabbed to death when he was walking to his car and pick up his pregnant wife and bring her to the hospital to deliver their baby. Greek media reported unconfirmed information  of  ‘three assailants most likely from Northern Africa”. The information has been recovered form a security camera of a nearby shop.

The murder triggered the outbreak of violence against migrants especially in districts of Athens where masses of illegal immigrants live.

With spray in the wall “Foreigners out from Greece”


Leaflets urge citizens to denounce to financial crimes units, to health authorities and other institutions owners who rent their real estate to illegal immigrants. The practice of renting old buildings with poor sanitary conditions to groups of migrants has lead to discomfort of many Greek residents.

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