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Greek Songmaker: Send Migrants to Remote Islands, Declare Athens in State of Emergency

Famous Greek musician Dionysis Savvopoulos dropped a bombshell in the middle of the debatte about of illegal immigrants and the worrying rise of violence and crime in Athens downtown. “Migrants should be transported to sparsely populated islands with low population under UN supervision, where they can cultivate land”, he said and added “Athens should be declared in a state of emergency,  buildings should be cleaned from drug addicts and these should be transportation to places where they would have no access to drug traffickers.”

Dionysis Savvopoulos, 67, is music composer, lyricist and singer, imprisoned by the military Junta, from the left-wing and progressive spectrum. An intellectual who expressed with his songs the sentiment of thousands Greeks for three decades. A Greek “Bob Dylan”, if you ask me…


Speaking at a radio broadcast Savvopoulos stunned with his proposals audience and journalists, with the latter asking the question whether the ‘remote islands with low population resemble  the remote islands where thousands of Greeks were sent in exile after the Civil war and the military dictatorship.

Savvopoulos, or “Nionios” for his fans, didn’t hesitate to answer with a line from a song :” Time has come to decide, whether you live or die”.

Nionios’ ‘revolutionary’ proposals triggered reactions from the anti-racism movement and left-wing parties. They accuse him that his views consicide with those of the “worst enemies of democracy.” 

His statements come as indicative for the outrage about the gloomy picture of Athens historical centre that has been turned into a ghetto for illegal immigrants, gangs, foreign prostitutes of all ages and drug addicts. And certainly Dionysis Savvopoulos statements will initiate a new round of social and political opposition to address the explosive problem of thousands of immigrants at the central districts of the Greek capital.

Anna Vagena

Just three days ago I was watching Anna Vagena on a television broadcast about the living conditions in Athens.

Anna Vagena, an actress from the progressive spectrum expressing her frustration about the conditions in Athends downtown. Vagena lives with her family in the Metaxourgeio area. She has been complaining about how difficult and dangerous it is for her to return home after a theater performance. She insisted not to leave the city centre just because of the lack of migration policy and political will to oslve the problem. And she stressed – more or less as I quote -” If I say that, if I complain about these conditions of fear,  it means the problem has reached extortionate dimensions.” 

When progressive and left-wing people  turn “reactionary and right-wing”, then you really got a problem – as a state…

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