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Restrictions in more than 130 ‘closed’ professions to be lifted, Jul 2

Looking at the list of the 130 professions that will soon be open I couldn’t by say: WOW! So many professions were ‘closed’?

The finance ministry announced the automatic abolition of all restrictions regarding the access and operation of a long list of professions, valid as of July 2, 2011. The restrictions to be lifted cover the number of persons with access to a profession and various other criteria.

What’s more important is that following July 2, no administrative license will be needed to commence a non-specialised (physician, attorney) profession.

 The list of more than 130 “closed” professions include: beauticians, drama and dance school instructors, bakers, antiques dealers, insurance agents, insurance consultants, employment consultants, diagnostics centre staff, translators, divers, cameramen, driving school instructors, cab drivers, tourist bus drivers, newspaper stand owners, electricians, sound technicians, private school owners, tobacco sellers, gun manufacturers and sellers, hairdressers, private investigators, port workers, real estate agents, lifeguards, carpenters, financiers, opticians, auditors, movie/theatre director and even car mechanic.
There are more than the ones listed here and yet pharmacist, notaries or lawyers will still remain ‘closed’.
The opening of the so-called ‘closed’ professions comes after strong pressure by IMF/EU/ECB – however the real profit-bringing professions like pharmacist, lawyer or notary will still remain closed.
Everything is a matter of lobbying, after all.

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