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Theodorakis & Greek Academics call People to Mass Protest, May 31

An important protest-event is taking place at 7 p.m. on Thursday outside the Athens University as academics and intellectuals are going to inform the public about the IMF Memorandum, the austerity measures and the economic crisis. With this event the organizers are aiming to “waken the society about the austerity measures that are taken in absence of the people” and call “every patriot to express his opposition to the subordination of Greek society and the depreciation of public assets” as they stress in a statement. The event is organized on the initiative of the Rector of the Athens University Theodosis Pelegrinis, world-famous musician and former politician Mikis Theodorakis, constitutional lawprofessor Giorgos Kassimatis and professors Giorgos Katrougalos, Notis Marias, Kostas Beys and Kostas Chrysogonou.

Kassimatis and Beys have often condemned the loan agreements between Greece and IMF/EU/ECB as “violating the constitution of the country”. They have submitted a formal request to the Council of State. No decision on the issue has been taken so far.

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