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Athens Protests Syntagma, June 12 – Live Blogging

Thousands Greeks are flocking to Syntagma Square to protest in front of the Parliament. Greeks have

been protesting the strict austerity measures for 19 days now. However this Sunday’s it looks as the crowd is as big as it was last week. Last Sunday  300,000 to 500,000 people had flooded the centre of Athens. A bit the three-days holiday, a bit the heavy rain a while ago may have hindered people to join. However nobody should think the indignant spirit is out. The next mass protest is set on June 15th, the day where Greece will be paralyzed due to general strike. And labour unionists will be allowed to protest together with the Indingnant Greeks.

There is not Live Streaming today – unfortunately. It doesn’t have to do with KTG but with the main provider. However you can watch some live footage here

Nevertheless, I am doing some Live Blogging to give you the indignant beat of today’s protest.

 9.00 pm

Slogans : It rains Indignation – We don’t go for vacation, we don’t go to the beach, we’ll be at the Square each & every day

9.15 pm : protesters estimated 15,000+ – people keep coming at Synt Sq

9.20 pm : Lots of Greek flags  – Banner : We don’t owe, We don’t sell, We don’t pay

“Junta didn’t conclude in ’73 – we will bury it here at this square”

see more pictures here

9.30 Dozens lasers target the Parliament and two luxury hotels

9.40 people keep coming – estimated more than 20,000 – Slogan : Thieves! Thieves!

Live Streaming from Public Assembly at the Square here

video  and Athens metro station lol

10.5 pm some see some signs of ‘tiredness’ in the movement
10.20 pm ” Something must come out of the protest” woman, civil servant
“These measures are crinimal, they get us on our knees” man

Another Live Streaming from Syntagma Square here

Video, earlier Sunday, June 12

22.30 pm : Organisers have called for the blockade of Parliament on Wednesday, Jun 15 – Meeting at 7 a.m.
June 15 – General strike – Final discussion in the Parliament on the II. Auestirity Package

“Soon I will have no money to eat – how much do they want to cut from my pension? I ‘ve paid this money, I’ve paid it!” woman, pensioner, very angry.

10.45 pm People are very angry because government gives no explanation about the economic crisis. People want answers and constitutional reforms.

11.10 pm Live Streaming concluded

Public assebly rejected proposals to form a political party or political formation.

Organisers in Athen sand Thessaloniki state they will continue protests.

Curious about the protests of June 15th!

Have a great night! Thank you for following Live Blogging and “Keep Talking, Greece”.

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  1. Rain? Long weekend? Sounds a bit like excuses to hide a, understandable, disappointment? Because when one is really desperate one does indeed not go “go for vacation, we don’t go to the beach, we’ll be at the Square each & every day”.
    But when I look around me this weekend I see a sea of cars from Attiki. Cars with boats and other summer ‘essentials’. Supermarkets are very, very busy.
    Ok, it is also the weekend of Pentacost and I know that in a time of crisis the churches tend to be fuller then ever. But somehow I never had the impression that this weekend was too important for the average Greek citizen. Other then the traditional beginning of the bathing season…

    It is a bit disheartening. And now the Spanish are leaving Puerta del Sol also. Hope this movement won’t fall into the hands or trap of the ADEDY/GSEE-branch of The Monster. 🙁