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Greek Solutions : Is the ‘Exarchia-Lira’ an Alternative to Euro?

Is the Euro too expensive for you? You don’t trust the  return of the Drachma? A currency solution is under way and thus one independent from international markets and national mints. The so-called “Exarchia-Lira”! Exarchia is a district of Athens, known to enjoy an ‘autonomous’ status, with intellectuals, lefts and anarchists. According to economic news portal sofokleousin.gr , the designers of the Exarchia-Lira, the new currency notes will carry the faces of historical figures who lived and worked in Exarchia. However they refrained from explaining the scheme of the Ex-Lira circulation, its value to Euro or US-Dollar and other trade parameters.

So far, the prints of the Exarchia Lira currency-notes decorate the walls of the area buildings. A gag or the start for an alternative trade currency, an action similar to that in Argentina during the economic crisis?

As the name is a bit difficult for foreigners, I propose a name like “Ex-Lira” … or even better “Ex-Euro” 🙂

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  1. Heard this weekend about a barter scheme in France: goods and services are payed with coupons to be traded in for other goods and services. That’s indeed what they did and do(?) in Argentina.

    But, hey, we here in the chorio are doing that already. And completely without the need for any ‘coupon’. Just helping each other out. 😀

    • keeptalkinggreece

      sometimes I also consider living in a village ….

      • You are welcome! Setting up shop here might give Keep Talking Greece a whole new angle.
        And we have clean air and water and above all… we have broadband internet. 🙂