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Greece: Government Reshuffle Postponed

Greece’s government reshuffle will be announced on Friday, June 17 at 9 a.m.  At 1 pm the new ministers will take  their oath. Prime Minister George Papandreou can seek vote of confidence at the Parliament the earliest on Sunday. Unconfirmed information claim the confidence vote to take part on Tuesday, June 21st. Provided that there will be no more resignations from “indignants” deputies…. Thursday morning two PASOK-deputies submitted their resig

According to the unconfirmed reshuffle-scenarios Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou will be removed  from this post.  The name of current Minister of Defence, Evaggelos Venizelos is curculating as next Fin Min.

From what I have heard so far on Greek television networks, it looks as if the ministers will be more or less the same… Can it be, Ministers will just be removed to other offices?

Earlier on Thursday, several deputies critized the Prime Minister during the governing party PASOK Parliament-group session that lasted several hours.

As the session concluded less than 15 minutes ago, we have no information on whether Papandreou managed to solve the crisis within his party.

Labour Minister Louka Katseli told state TV NET right after the meeting that they agreed on just taxation measures.

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  1. Some of what is said in this interview (Max Keiser on Alex Jones Infowars) is very controversial and unproven (ex. accusations of treason), but I thought it was a fascinating discussion involving allegations that powerful interests manufactured the crisis in Greece. Here is Max Keiser on Alex Jones: