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Loukanikos on Nikon-Ad? Where’s the Doggy Food, guys?

The picture of Athens Famous Riot Dog, Loukanikos, has been submitted to a Nikon-Camera photography competition for the new Nikon model. In one of his most famous pictures, Loukanikos poses in front of protesters, claiming “I am the Resistance”!


The photo contest gives participants a Nikon advertisement scheme with a slogan “I am —– “. Participants have to fill the slogan sentence when submitting a picture. The contest has been organized by Nikon world in Austria.

The award will be 1,500 Euro and a Nikon camera. I hope some bags full of doggy biscuits will be send to Loukanikos should his picture win the contest.

Currently the submission has 175 votes.

Loukanikos (English “Saucage”) or just  “Louk” for his friends has gained world reputation as the Athens Riot Dog. He has never missed a protest or a riot for the last one and a half years.

He is resistant to tear gas. Many KTG readers have opted “Loukanikos for President!”.

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  1. Loukanikos is amazing!Yes, he’s the resistence!