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Greece Mid-Term Austerity: Will They Vote For It?

The Parliament group of governing party PASOK is boiling after the announcement of the new austerity measures. The voting on the Mid-Term Austerity Programme has been set for June 29th and 30th (Implementation Law). Already two PASOK deputies declared this morning on Greek television channels, that they will not give their vote to new austerity. How will the rest of the deputies behave? After all the party leadership threatens ‘rebelling’ deputies with “party consequences”. This is a real dilemma for PASOK deputies: To vote the Package and be voted down by the citizens in the next elections or not to vote and be excluded by the party? Either way, they are politically out….

Governing party PASOK has 155 seats in Greek Parliament and it needs 151 votes to pass the much hated and very controversial Package that leads to financial ruin millions of Greek households.

All opposition parties have declared their objection to the Package. Of course, they are not fool. Recent public polls show a set back for PASOK (2o.8%) and a precedence for center-right Nea Dimokratia (22.9%). Who would like to lose voters when the possibility of  elections starts rising on the horizon?

On the other hand, Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos didn’t exclude the option of new measures should those announced yesterday proven fruitless. Venizelos was speaking at the Parliament this morning.

These days are politically very tense, economically uncertain and they carry a lot of surprises.

Good Night, Greece, and Good Luck!

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  1. That’s good news that 2 members of PASOK may vote against the plan. This will send troika and Papandreou into a panic. I hope more members vote against it. But I have to wonder why they all gave the government a vote of confidence.

  2. I read an interview with the finance minister which said they needed 2/3 majority for this vote, so 180. Are you sure its a simple majority vote?

  3. Are you saying that they can choose what the majority level can be? that seems very odd, I would have thought this was predetermined by the constitution.