Saturday , May 25 2019
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Need a Break….

A horror week nears its end, another horror week awaits us just around the corner. Greeks have started adding cents and euros to see the new burdens on their household budgets. This additional austerity will sucks the last drop of blood out of our venes. “Save the Country, kill its citizens” should be the national slogan.

KTG-Blog feels like applying some “posting” austerity today and have a day off. Unpaid , of course 🙂

Have a nice Saturday!

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    • keeptalkinggreece


      • Maybe this?

        I’ve chosen suicide bombings, massive corruption and a resurgent Taliban over going back to Greece for the time being because, rather than facing brutal reality, my compatriots’ perception of themselves is still as delusional as was my childhood impression of those ‘fanatics’ hanging off the stadium walls.

  1. OK. Have a break. We already have a broken economy and a broken country. So we don’t need you to break something vital!? 😉

  2. We understand your need for posting austerity 🙂 But any readers who are against reading austerity may want to have a look at this great article by Michael Hudson. He writes, “Without a national referendum Iceland-style, EU dictates cannot be binding”:

  3. This is a great article (below) from the Australian saying how the protesters at Syntagma are sort of like children rebeling against their parents. I think in some ways this article is so true. Have any of these protesters actually come up with any solutions?

    What use are protests if there is no intelligent debate? Sure, no austerity, but then who pays the bills that Greece owes? Can any of those Syntagma folks answer that question?

    Read this article and which I think hits the nail on the head of the whining mentality of Greek protestors.

    • Sorry to say this, but I found this article rather infantile and uninformed.

      To call for “grown-up politics” and ideolagy based slogans in a country where these are two of the main reasons why we are in this hole is not very insightful. And I wonder if he has talked to Pangalos lately. Because he said about the same the other day…