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Athens, June 29/11: Glorification of the Greek Democracy

I am so damned proud today! Greece showed that it is a truly democratic country and the people’s will prevails in rate 155:300. Inside the parliament the lawmakers dressed in light summer suits voted pro and contra the Mid-Term Austerity Programme. A 28 billion euro package containing wages, social allowances and pension cuts, and incredible tax hikes. 155 lawmakers bowed to the blackmails and threats of the Troika as expressed by the political and economical leadership of the country.

Outside the well-isolated Plenary Hall of the Parliament, people who dared to protest, have been tear-gassed. And thus for hours. Since the morning. Since yesterday. Tones of tear gas, smoke-chemicals and flash grenades have been fired and thrown against anti-austerity protesters.

As I write this post the situation in downtown Athens is totally out of control. 

A heavy cloud of Tear gas have covered the Syntagma Square and the Parliament building. Stones are flying through the thick air and target the policemen. Police reacts according to orders: ‘spray the cockroatches’.  What is going on in Athens right now, is indescribable. Pictures that have nothing to do with a democratic country, the country where democracy was supposedly born. Then today, I fully doubt it.

What have modern Greeks with the Antique thinkers and philosophers in common? Where is the Minister of Citizen’s Protection? Where is the Prime Minister? Where is the political leadership of this country? Got the pro-austerity votes under arms and left for coffee and fish (our politicians’ favorite lunch) ?

How comes the dity centre is delivered to violence form both sides? Greek media report of at least 100 injured people, 500 to have gotten first aid, and some 400 destroying Athens.

The clashes are carried between riot police and Hoodies. In Greece, we tend to describe those “Hoodies”,  people wearing black hoods to cover their face and provoking the police, as  ‘known unknown’. They have been around for such a long time, hardly somebody gets arrested. Left-wing parties condemn them ‘as pure provocators’ and imply cooperation with ‘certain centres’. Many wondered how comes they appeared the days of voting in Parliament and not before, when “Indignant” Greeks were protesting outside the parliament.

You know what my 78-year-old aunt told me today? “They did it on purpose, dear, not to let millions of people protest the voting and influence the deputies.” My aunt is old, she may know better.

I hope today is not the beginning of the ‘social unrest’ our Troika friends were warning us….

Oh, before I forget it. I am so damned proud today for saving the Euro. I am so damned proud to be member of the European family.

By the way, a big thank to all those Greek blogs and websites, photo-reporters and journalists, all those protesters twitting pictures, bringing in news and even calling for help….

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  1. Indeed, it´s a sad day for Greece. The founders of democracy.