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Athens: Police and Protesters search… amputated finger in the dark (videos)

That was lurid last night, amid clashes between riot police and protesters outside the Greek Palriament. A stun grenade exploded in the hands of a policeman amputating his finger. Emergency and high time for a clash-break. Policemen start to search for the finger. Protesters call other protesters to help in the search action. With flashlights both ‘enemy’ groups search in the dark for the finger.

Αστυνομικοί ψάχνουν το δάχτυλο συναδέλφου τους by fon1972

And suddenly there it is. It lies on the street. “Here! Here! Here it is!”. The finder, a protester, collects it carefully and hands it out to policemen. The audience welcomes the news with applause.

Ακρωτηριασμός αστυνομικού by babisflou

The applouse and whistles are followed by protesters’ shouting “Come on , m***, beat us, now!”

After the policeman and his finger have been removed from the scene and rushed to the nearest hospital, the clashes resume…

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  1. i’m no snakefish, i don like fingers

  2. In the end, we are all human beings….

    • And, also, both the policemen and the protesters are Greeks. All of them have suffered, and will suffer, the consequences of their leaders’ actions.